Blood Sugar bio energy patch $43.99 (30day supply)

Weight loss Leptin support bio energy patch $43.99 (30day supply)

Thyroid Plus bio energy patch $43.99 (30day supply)

Circulation/Hypertension DNA Cardio/Organ Support bio energy patch $45.99 (30day supply)

Emotional Rescue bio energy patch $43.99 (30 day supply)

Gluten free bio energy patch(ease gluten intolerance)  patch $43.99 (30 day supply)

FEM Plus bio energy patch (Supports and balances female hormones) $43.99 (30 day supply)

Pain & Inflammation Patch (reduces pain associated with inflammation) $43.99 (30 day supply)

Nu Hair / Skin bio energy patch (Promotes and Stimulates new phases of the hair growth cycle) $49.99 (30 day supply)

Bio-energy patches

The Joy of Wellness, LLC

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Bio-energy patches