Readings (select option 1-30 mins, option 2-60 mins or option 3-90 mins long)

The Joy of Wellness, LLC

Services & Fees:)

​​​​Consultation: This involves filling out health history questionnaire or using iridology or muscle testing or a combination as guidance. only non-invasive techniques are used. consultation takes about 50-60 minutes (Please arrive 15 minutes before scheduled appointment time to fill out some forms~ Comfortable clothing advised ).   

Fee: $59.99

(Consultation fee does not include the price of supplements or any additional services)

Follow up:

            1 healing sessions (30 minutes session of any of the services listed below:)

 Fee: $59.99


          4 healing sessions  (30 minutes session each of any of the services listed below or a combination)

Fee: $200

          6 treatments (30 minutes session each of any of the services listed below or a combination)

Fee: $270

Usui Reiki Master/Teacher:
          Call and reserve your spot for a one on one training and be attuned in self healing or distance Reiki healing :)
Fee: $69.99

Distance energy healing: 
          Receive positive healing energy wherever you are.  All you have to do is sit quietly in a comfortable space as healing flows to you:)
Fee: $29.99

Angel Intuitive reading and guidance:
Receive guidance, counseling,  uplifting words and support:)
(Use button below to order, email me with time and date of availability)

Descriptions of non-invasive techniques used.


Examining the iris of the eyes to determine constitutional strengths and weaknesses of the body organs. Iridology can be used to determine nutritional deficiencies and genetic predispositions.

Energy Healing:
Using ancient techniques such as Usui Reiki and Angel intuitive healing to balance the body's energy in reducing stress

and imbalances.

Muscle Testing:
Muscle testing is a non-invasive technique used to access the body's various organs for weaknesses, strengths, allergies, parasites and toxins.

Herbal and vitamin consultation:

Using non-invasive means to provide guidance on herbs and vitamins to incorporate into lifestyle (Research shows that certain herbs and vitamin supplements enhances wellbeing and general health).

Emotional Freedom technique (EFT):

Tapping on specific points on the body to facilitate the release of negative  and blockages in the emotional body to inspire a state of amore positive outcome and wellbeing.       

Guided Meditations: A powerful recording of imagery is used to facilitate each individuals inherent ability to let go of that which is hindering emotional, spiritual and personal growths. Recordings include trauma & recovery, finding one's true self and unconditional self love*

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